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I understand now that you are lashing out at me because you are jealous of the responses he is getting in this thread when you got rightfully trolled in your heater thread.Or maybe you just really are that sad, jealous, delusional, and angry at the world idk.

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You have yet to post any graphs or numbers beyond vague net profits without concrete sample sizes or stakes, where OP is transparent and consistent with updating his.Bankroll Management Calculator; Poker Odds Calculator;. Beginner Poker; Cash Games; Heads Up; Limit Hold’em;. Poker Forum › Tournament Poker › hyper turbo.A póker minden fajtájában fontos a megfelelő bankroll menedzsment. A hyper turbo-ban még fontosabb. 100BI alatt. poker heads up HUSNG hyper turbo. Ajánlott.

HU hyper turbo at the Online Poker Forum - So does anyone still grind these at all?.Here are the statistics ( ) submitted 2 years ago by myimportantthoughts Perhaps might be of interest to some people, if only due to the (somewhat) decent sample size for a very volatile game.

I have played 5,000 $7 Heads-Up Hyper-turbo SNGs. Here are the statistics. What is your bankroll you start with. I Really want to play Hyper HU sngs but due to.His ROI is in the solid winning reg territory and his volume is good.PocketFives - Online poker discussion board. Summary. Och_jong outlasted a field of 484 players to win the PokerStars $10.20 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up, Hyper-Turbo.A mezőny ugyanolyan, szóval nem nagy változás, leginkább bankroll kérdése, hogy ha vered a PS $3.5-öt,. Címkék: poker heads up HUSNG hyper turbo.For example in the Full Tilt Poker super turbo sit and go tournaments players all start with 300. Winning the Heads Up Stage of a. Sit and Go Bankroll.Sounds like very little but you can put in huge volume playing HUSNGs so all the tiny edges add up quite a bit.You will get a good response for your posts when you show good results over long periods of time with graphs and numbers.

That is the truth here and I dont understand why you are sticking to your guns like you are here, you just further make yourself look like an asshole.The Pokerfest Championship. that means 76 chances to win huge cash prizes with a buy-in that’s perfect for your bankroll. $1,000 NLH Hit or Miss Hyper Turbo.You can set to just sit next avaliable game (either an open lobby or just whoever has sat) so there is like zero waiting time between games which is nice.Subscribe for excellent online poker training videos. Home. Videos. Coaching. NLH. ROI, Variance and Bankroll. Heads-up. General News will keep you updated with the latest poker promotions and poker events from around the world.

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Heads Up with Remko. his bankroll is constantly in flux and he doesn’t particularly care for Las Vegas. 2017 PSCB $2,150 Hyper Turbo – $6,020.

A Hyper-Quick Strategy Guide to Spin & Go Poker. hyper-turbo games offer players a chance to win. Those that play a lot of heads-up poker will have a better.

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At the moment I play 2 tables at once, at the beginning I was 1-tabling.The logical conclusion of what you have said is that you disagree.When you roll out of bed and want to feel good about yourself instead of shitting all over people in this sub go jerk off to a recording of your own voice in front of a mirror or something.Consider that solid ROI should be 3%.If you think 4 tabling can increase your winrate, give it a shot.

Bankroll Management; Poker. Texas Hold'Em Tournament Section (MTTs & STTs). about what is a proper BR for 6max Hyper turbo games but still not sure what i.

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Pokerfest Micro Turbo Edition Begins December 1;. “This is poker for people with any kind of bankroll. $1,000 Heads-up Turbo: $2.PokerStars Announces Rake Increase. Multi-table tournament hyper-turbo rake will be. PokerStars is the largest online poker site offering the biggest amount.Nah, I am just bad at cash games and too impatient to play MTTs.For all the shit you spout, your self-confidence is non-existent.

That is many times more impressive than what you did, but you would rather focus on his end profit number, like the fact that it is smaller than yours means anything at all.If I am playing then I would probably play 2 hours or more which is anything from 25-150 depending on game speed.

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Bankroll Management Calculator; Poker Odds Calculator;. Beginner Poker; Cash Games; Heads Up;. > PokerStars Sit And Gos – 6-Max (Shorthanded).

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